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How much are your services?
Each job is different and obviously depends on the size or complexity of the project. We do however provide our clients with a no obligation quote and our prices are set at a fixed rate so there are no hidden surprises.

I need a new product designed. What do I need to do?
Once we have your details, we will look to contact you to discuss your needs, alternatively we will email you a form to fill in and return. This is just to allow us to get a clear idea of what is required for your project. Once we have an idea of your requirements we will provide you with a quote along with an estimated time of completion. If this is satisfactory for you, you can email us your order, along with any existing graphics, such as logos, that you may already have, as well as photos you may want on the leaflet. If needs be, we can find suitable stock images for your document.

How will I receive my designs?
We can email you your design work in a variety of formats depending on what is best for you, whether it’s a PDF, .jpg or .tiff

Do you provide a printing service?
If required we can provide a printing service as we have strong relationships with various printing services, if you would still prefer to just have your design in a digital format for printing at your leisure then this is fine too.

What’s the best way of contacting you?
We always have a phone close to hand, however currently we prefer email, meaning that we are able to easily keep a copy of any information passed over to us. If you would like to speak to us by phone, please drop us an email and we will do our best to arrange a time that is best for you, and we will give you a call back a that time.

Can you build websites?
There are two services available to you. We can either design the websites front end only, so you will receive the design as a jpeg ready for a programmer to code. Alternatively, we can provide low cost, start up websites that are ideal for small businesses wanting a small website.